Why Is the Quality of Your Tyres of Such Importance?

 Regardless of how expensive the make or model vehicle you are driving, its performance is severely affected by the quality of its tyres, and the grip they offer. The importance of your tyres having sufficient tread depth to effectively handle wet conditions cannot be underscored enough. Should your car’s tyres have insufficient tread depth, the grooves will not be able to displace and disperse the water when you drive through it, leading to aquaplaning.

Should this happen, the film of water that builds up in front of the tyre pushes it away from the road surface. This is aquaplaning. Now you are sliding on a film of water and the tyre’s grip disappears. A bald tyre is therefore exceptionally dangerous in wet weather. The vehicle subsequently slips and slides the moment rain wets the tar.

The Importance of Replacing Your Tyres When Necessary

When should your tyres be replaced? It is an important question with a simple answer. Tyres have raised bumps around 1,6 mm high, called wear indicators, in the main tread channels. Once the tyre has worn down to the level of the indicators, replace them. You will notice marker arrows on the shoulders too. These are roughly 30 cm apart, pointing at the indicators.

New tyres have about 8 to 9 mm of tread depth. As you drive your car, this tread will wear down. Once tyres wear down to the wear indicators, it is time to have new tyres fitted. If you are still unsure as to when to have new tyres fitted, speak to any of our tyre specialists for expert help.

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