What You Should Know When Buying Tyres

 There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when shopping for tyres. It is easy to become overwhelmed, but you do not have to if you are armed with the right information. If you approach it methodically and logically, you will know which tyres are best for your car. The first aspect to take into account when shopping around for your next tyres is to consider the size of tyre you need – whether it is a Continental or a Michelin. If you are unsure, it is found on the tyre’s sidewall information. The information you are looking for will come in a format that will look something like “205/55 R16”.

After determining the size of the tyres you need, the next information you need to look at their ability. This information is made up of the tyre’s maximum speed and load ratings. Like the size, this information can also be located on the tyre’s sidewall. It consists of a letter and number that have to be decoded according to an industry standard. This standardised information is used consistency on all tyre makes and models on the market and can therefore be directly compared, whether these are Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, or any other tyre. Now that we have clarity on the description of the tyres’ sizes and ability, let us take a look at the other considerations that go into buying a tyre.

What Influences the Type of Tyres You Should Buy?

Various aspects have a bearing on the type of tyres you should buy for your car, and we not talking about the brand, like Continental or BF Goodrich, but the type. No one’s circumstances are exactly alike. This means that there are no one-size-fits-all solution. The type of tyre you need vary with the type of vehicle to which it needs to be fitted, along with how you use your car. An example would be that the best tyre for a car used off-road most of the time will likely not be ideal for the same vehicle used primarily around town, or on highways.

The tyre’s purpose and size can, to a certain extent, also impact the type of tyre you need to fit. There can also sometimes be more than one tyre type suitable for your car. So, how do you know which type of tyre to buy? Good question, and one that we can help you answer. Our team of sales professionals is at hand to help make your decision as easy as can be. With decades of combined industry experience, we make available our insights and expertise. If Continental does not stock the type of tyre you want, maybe Goodyear does. We will find the ideal tyre for you.

Since the 1960s, we have helped countless South African motorists stay safe on the roads and get more value from their vehicles and tyres. Aside from offering leading brands of tyres for sale, such as Continental and Pirelli, we also specialise in many other products, including alloy wheels, high-performance exhaust systems, and brake pads, to name a few. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can help you, simply contact us today. We are ready to help you enjoy greater buying power, and better returns from your new tyres.