Know Your Tyre Tread when Buying from Leading Tyre Suppliers

For any vehicle owner, regardless of whether you drive a private or commercial vehicle, it is crucial to know your tyre tread. The tyre tread forms part of one of the most important components of the tyre. Its appearance is often one of the deciding factors that people look to when shopping around for tyres.

There are many reasons behind its importance, not least because the tread carries the responsibility of transmitting the forces for acceleration and braking, as well as the cornering of the vehicle to the road surface. This means that it simply has to be able to provide the necessary grip. When taking into account that most vehicles weigh at least 1 500kg, and have the capacity of reaching speeds well in excess of 120 km/h, the importance of good-quality tyres becomes even more apparent.

How to Identify Your Tyre’s Tread

The tread offers specific features. Its most noticeable is the tread’s grooves. There is a common myth that the grooves disperse the water from the footprint. The truth is that the tread grooves are designed in such a way so as to hold water in them, so that the raised portion of the tread can make physical contact with the road. When one thinks about it, at speeds of over 100 km/h, there is simply no possible way for water to fill the thread grooves and then come out of the side of a tyre.

Should the depth of the tread be too little and the depth of the water be too much, or the vehicle’s speed be too high for the tread grooves to process the water, aquaplaning occurs. This means that the tyres lose contact with the road, resulting in accidents and even worse. This just further bolsters the importance of having your tyres checked frequently by professionals at fitment centres.

Partner with Thomas Tyres for Expert Tyre Fitment Solutions

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