Choosing the Best Tyres for Your Car

Many of us do not give much thought to our tyres until it is too late. However, there are many important reasons why it pays to give your tyres some attention now, before you find yourself on the side of the road in the middle of the night. A thoughtfully selected and well-maintained tyre can contribute greatly to your safety, while also boosting fuel economy, improving handling, and reducing stopping distances in all road conditions. What is more, it also directly affects the comfort and ride quality of your car.

Walking into any tyre showroom can be quite overwhelming, with literally hundreds of types of tyres and a multitude of brands to choose from. These vary in construction, composition, price, and style. To make the decision of buying new tyres easier, let us take a look at some helpful tips you can follow, that will also deliver far greater value than your average tyre specials.

Choose the Right Tyre

One of the possible mistakes you can make when changing your car’s tyres is to replace them with tyres of the incorrect size. On the sidewall of your tyre, there should be a code that informs you of the tyre’s size and rating. It should guide you and the salesperson to make sure you purchase the correct size tyre for your car.

Consider How You Drive

Irrespective of the type of tyre you buy, there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying the tyre. Determine your needs and priorities, and what type of driving you will be doing. Typically, tyres with a softer compound grip the road better and provide a slightly softer ride, while tyres with a harder compound last longer, but offer slightly less grip.

Consider Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a major factor for some tyre consumers, and rightfully so. If you want to buy a tyre that can assist in your car’s fuel economy, know that not all tyres are manufactured to help achieve that. Some eco-branded tyres have lower rolling resistance to save fuel and last longer, at the expense of some grip.

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