What to Expect from Professional Tyre Fitment Services

South African drivers from all walks of life try to stay as safe as possible on the roads every day. Most of them depend on their tyre fitment centres to keep their wheels safely on the road. When you place your trust in a fitment centre, you need to be confident that the technicians working on your vehicle are competent professionals.

Any professional tyre fitment centre vying for your business should be able to provide you with expert wheel alignment and balancing solutions for your vehicle. They should also have a traceable history and reputable reputation in the industry. At Thomas Tyres, we meet these and many other qualifications, as we’ve been providing expert tyre fitment services to South African motorists since 1964.

Our wheel alignment services help to improve the overall handling and performance of your vehicle, while also helping to prevent uneven tyre wear. Expert wheel alignment also eliminates pull on the steering wheel and improves fuel economy and mileage. We offer expert 3D alignment by qualified technicians at all our branches, offering value for money and peace of mind to all our valued clients.

How 3D Wheel Alignment is Leading the Way

3D wheel alignment is an advanced method that enables a single technician to complete wheel alignment in seven minutes. Our device uses two high-precision cameras to take exact measurements of your vehicle, allowing all the wheels to be aligned simultaneously. As soon as the measurements are collected, the information is processed in an integrated reference system, which has inclination and camber pendulums in every sensor head, guaranteeing dependable results.

This method of wheel alignment is also faster, easier and less expensive than older methods. As part of our tyre fitment services and solutions, we also offer professional wheel balancing solutions. If you have your vehicle’s wheels balanced at least every 10 000 km, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your tyres and suspension components.

Basic car services only attend to typical service parts such as fuel filters and the like, so it is always recommended to have a specialist handle your vehicle’s alignment and balancing as part of comprehensive and expert tyre fitment services. We are all about wheels, and work hard to help our clients keep their wheels firmly on the road while travelling. Let us help you and your family stay safer while on the road.

Committed To Customer Service Excellence

With decades of experience to fall back on, and 25 retail branches, we remain committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality wheels and tyres. Our expert workmanship speaks for itself, and we provide guarantees on all our products and services. Thanks to our competitive pricing modules, more South Africans than ever can now afford to keep their cars in peak condition.

Contact Thomas Tyres to learn more about our tyre fitment services, and for the advice you need to keep your car safe and roadworthy. We always go the extra mile to provide our clients with a pleasant and convenient shopping and service experience. To learn more about our many tyre fitment services and solutions, speak to our team of industry professionals today.