Trust South Africa’s Leading Tyre Fitment Centre

Keeping safe on the road requires a combination of factors to come together. Responsible driving habits play a big part, but you also need to be confident in your vehicle and its condition. Partnering with a leading tyre fitment centre to take care of your tyres’ alignment and balancing is another important aspect of keeping your family safe while on the road.

At Thomas Tyres, we have been keeping South Africa’s cars rolling since the 1960s. Our track record of providing expert and industry-leading tyre fitment services speaks for itself. Let us use our lifetime experience in tyre fitment to keep your family and employees safer while on the road. We also help you enjoy the very best returns on your tyre investment by boosting its lifespan with our professional services.

Expert Wheel Alignment Services from Thomas Tyres

Wheel alignment forms part of our service offering. It is a type of maintenance crucial for optimising the lifespan of tyres, and it also has a significant bearing on the vehicle’s handling and the occupants’ safety. There are many benefits to having professionals like Thomas Tyres take care of your wheels’ alignment, including:

  • Improving your vehicle’s overall handling and performance;
  • Reducing the wear and tear of uneven tyres;
  • Increasing fuel economy and mileage; and
  • Stopping steering-wheel vibrations.

These are only a few of the many reasons why it pays to partner with a seasoned industry professional to take care of your wheels’ alignment.

Professional Wheel Balancing from Thomas Tyres

Forming part of our tyre fitment services, wheel balancing remains an important consideration for all motorists. This type of maintenance should be performed at least once every 10 000km, in order to prolong the lifespan of your tyres. While many people think that wheel alignment and balancing are the same thing, there are some important differences.

While wheel alignment makes sure that all tyres sit at the appropriate angles on the road, wheel balancing helps to avoid unnecessary vibrations in the steering wheel or floorboards, brought on by the uneven distribution of weight on the vehicle’s wheel units. In an effort to ensure equal load distribution on all four sides of the car’s wheels, small counter weights are used to balance out high and low spots.

These are only a few of the many tyre fitment services that you can expect from our leading tyre centre. Contact us at Thomas Tyres to learn more about our company and its history, and for all the advice you will need to stay safer on the road. We look forward to helping you enjoy excellent value for money and great returns on your tyre investments.