3 Signs that You Require New Tyres for Your Vehicle

 Just like your shoes need replacing after carrying you hundreds, often thousands, of kilometres, so your car’s tyres wear each time you hit the road. It is not a sign of irresponsible driving, but instead an inevitability that every motorist faces. The tyres that came with your brand-new car will not last forever. Let us take a closer look at some warning signs you need to keep an eye out for that will give you a hint that it might have become time to peruse your local tyre suppliers for special offers and tyre clearance sales, so you can replace your pride and joy’s rubberwear.

#1 Tread Depth

The minimum legal tread depth over the entire tyre surface is 1 mm in South Africa. For drivers who frequently drive on wet roads, this is far too little. If you are unsure, you can purchase a gauge to determine the tread depth, or you can take your car in for a check-up and get a professional opinion.

#2 Cracks in The Sidewall

It might be time for new tyres if you start to notice cracks in the tyres’ sidewalls, indicating that the rubber is perishing. Be on the lookout for cuts and damage as well. If there are any signs of damage, a bubble could develop and this could easily result in a life-threatening blow-out at high speed.

#3 Too Much Vibration

When driving, there will always be some vibration emanating from the road surface, especially on gravel roads. However, , you are probably aware of the amount of vibration that feels natural and “right”, and what would be too much. There are many reasons for excessive vibration, from out-of-round tyres to unbalanced wheels. Have it seen to by a professional to determine the cause of the excessive vibration.

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