Tried and Tested

 When it comes to brand recognition, few tyre manufacturers can be as well-known as Michelin. Being part of the tyre war with Bridgestone throughout the 2001 to 2006 Formula 1 seasons, Michelin has claimed their stake through delivering reliable and high-performing rubber for any type of vehicle on the road today. In South Africa, chances are that almost any tyre shop offers Michelin tyres for sale because the brand is trusted, and there are many variants to choose from in terms of compounds and performance indexes.

If you want a regular street tyre compound that will last for years, Michelin has an answer. Should you be looking for a high-performance street tyre compound that will optimise your grip when driving your powerful super saloon, Michelin has the perfect tyre for you. Even if you drive around in a luxury SUV all day, Michelin has a tyre to not only suit your car and driving style, but also offer optimum durability. Today, Michelin is the official tyre supplier to the FIA Formula E Racing Championship, launching their brand into the future with electric open-wheel racing. Today, we will be looking at a Michelin tyre for sale that is a prime example of what Michelin can achieve in a single compound.

The Pilot Sport 4

 With various compounds of Michelin tyres for sale in South Africa, we rarely take the time to research and investigate the details about the tyres that we fit to our vehicles. Brand loyalty usually sways people to buy tyres they know and trust, with Michelin being one of these brands. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 offers a conventional approach to tyre tread design, combined with optimised levels of grip and efficiency through the use of modern technology to enhance a tyre with a rather conventional tread to perform above its station.

The Pilot Sport 4 offers excellent steering control and is highly responsive, as it has been co-designed with assistance from BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. This incredible tyre compound also optimises the braking distance required to bring your vehicle to a halt, with a 0,5-m reduction in stopping distance in dry conditions and a 0,3-m reduction in wet conditions. This compound of Michelin tyre now offered for sale will also deliver more longevity, with a 2000-km longer life on average when compared to the Pilot Sport 3. The Pilot Sport 4 is ideal for almost any hatchback, saloon, or other passenger car, giving you the most value from your Michelin tyres on your daily driver.

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