Get the Royal Treatment

 Japanese car culture has had a huge influence on petrolheads across the planet for the past 40 years, with various brands producing iconic cars and bikes that changed the shape of the industry for good. Japan has shared its love for performance with the world in many ways, and still continues the trend in the modern era, also being home to quality tyre brands, such as Royal Black, for sale across the globe.

Should you be looking for a shop where you can find Royal Black tyres for sale in South Africa, Thomas Tyres is where you can find them, as well as other popular tyre brands. Royal Black focuses on delivering specifically designed tyres to particular vehicle types, including sports utility vehicles and trucks. Today, we will be looking at the performance tyres they offer for sale to those who do more behind their steering wheels than just drive to work every day.

Royal Performance

If you are looking for high-performance Royal Black tyres for sale, their Royal Performance range is exactly what you need. Featuring a wide outer profile design that allows the car to lean more on the outer tread while cornering, these tyres provide ample grip and stability when the road gets twisty. With a wider contact patch to use on the outer part of the tyres, your car can distribute weight more evenly while cornering, granting more car control and increased traction for better overall performance. As a result, the outer tread pattern also provides an overall improvement in handling in dry conditions.

The inner tread pattern consists of curved grooves to optimise handling at high speeds in wet conditions, displacing water from the inside of the tyre to increase overall traction and stability while driving in the rain. The centre section of the tyre consists of three block patterns, with the outer blocks designed to reduce aquaplaning in wet conditions and improving traction in dry conditions. The centre block can best be described as slick for the ultimate optimisation of grip, traction, and control in dry conditions, bringing forth the performance aspect of these Royal Black tyres we have for sale. Working in synergy, the three blocks in the centre section reduce noise levels while driving.

At Thomas Tyres, we offer Royal Black tyres for sale, as well as other popular brands such as Michelin and Pirelli. For more information on these brands, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly for information about our available stock. Choose Thomas Tyres today and experience the pure joy of having multiple choices for the next set of rubber on your vehicle.