Goodyear Tyres

At Thomas Tyres, we stock a great selection of Goodyear tyres, specifically chosen to meet the requirements of our customers. With over 100 years of tyre making experience, designing and manufacturing the first moon tyres, and decade’s worth of racing heritage, Goodyear is best placed to keep your car on the road. We understand that all our clients have different needs and we aim to satisfy them by selling the best tyres on the market.

This is what we have been doing for over 50 years, much like Goodyear, who have been manufacturing tyres for much longer than that. In this time they have innovated and designed a number of truly exceptional tyres, all of which have contributed towards the tyres you see on cars today.

Goodyear tyres in South Africa benefit from this impressive history. After all, the first tyres on the moon were Goodyear tyres and Henry Ford used Goodyear tyres on his first racing car in 1901, a notable achievement indeed.

The benefits of this association with racing include technological innovations that help to keep your car on the road in all conditions, and this is why we have Goodyear tyres for sale. Our consultants are always available to help you select the best tyres of your needs, taking into account factors such as the type of vehicle you drive, the speed rating of the tyres, the correct sizeand load index and where you intend to drive. Take the time to find out about handling and braking performance and decidewhich Goodyear tyre is perfect for your requirements.

Shopping for tyres has never been this easy and with stores open in the Vaal-Triangle, Gauteng and Mpumalanga, we invite you to come and chat to one of our trained consultants, before purchasing your own set of Goodyear tyres.