Continental Tyres

The fourth largest tyre manufacture in the world is popular for many reasons, butContinental tyres are its coretrademark. The German based automotive and transportation specialist known as Continental AG or Conti, for short, has been around for centuries and has become highly proficient at producing ground-breaking tyres that enhance your vehicle’s dynamics, like performance, braking and handling. It’s for this reason and our dedication to meeting your needs that Thomas Tyres offers a wide range of Continental tyres in South Africa.

Continental tyres are also known to improve aspects such as fuel consumption, as they have reduced rolling resistance – an innovation that the manufacturer has tirelessly driven to perfect. These advances have led to well-established passenger and sports car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Porsche and Toyota as well as commercial vehicle makers, such as Freightliner Trucks, relying on the manufacturer to provide tyres for almost all their models.

To you, our valued customers, all of this means that you have a wide selection to choose from, with Continental tyre prices varying and models being so expansive that you are able to acquire the one that is perfectly suited to your needs. Other than improving the drivability of your vehicle, Continental tyres are made in such a way that they offer a long service lifespan, which reduces your vehicle management costs. Depending on the model, you will find that they are capable of enduring different terrains and weather conditions.

Moreover, you can acquire tyres that are built to complement the purpose of your vehicle (off-roading, racing, goods or passenger transportation and much more), making your decision to acquire any model of Continental tyres a well-made one. So, if you are searching for superior tyres that will give you peace of mind, make the wise decision to contact Thomas Tyres today and get quality Continental tyres in South Africa.