BF Goodrich Tyres

American-made BF Goodrich tyres are best known for endorsing some of the world’s most prestigious car racing events. From off-road rallies to NASCAR events and monster truck marathons, the high performance brand has been responsible for escorting a significant number of winning drivers across competitive finish lines over the years. With such an impressive track record, it’s time you fitted your car with a set of tyres from this extensive range.

The company started in New York in 1869 after Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich bought a small rubber business and began innovating products that would eventually turn the Goodrich name into a global brand. In 1903, BF Goodrich tyres were fitted to the very first car to ever cross the United States and in 1927 the company famously fitted tyres to Charles Lindbergh’s airplane, Spirit of St. Louis, for its first non-stop flight across the Atlantic.

These days you’ll find BF Goodrich tyres for sale all over the globe, and they’re consistently visible in some of the most adrenalin pumping and high profile races around. While other manufacturers boast about superiority, all you need to do is look at the impressive list of wins from BF Goodrich to know its tyres offer the finest performance – regularly subjected to extreme driving conditions during grueling competitions, their durability and traction simply can’t be matched.

The line-up from BF Goodrich tyres in South Africa includes a full range of on and off road tyres, each delivering sublime ride quality and handling no matter the vehicle class. The classically styled Radial tyres are ideal for passenger cars, sports cars and trucks, while the Radial Long Trail tyres are designed for highway driving and excellent all-season high-speed driving. BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres are perfect for full sized trucks that require tough handling in various conditions while the All-Terrain tyres feature wide shoulder grooves for better traction and control.

Speak to a professional at Thomas Tyres to determine the exact tyre to suit your specific needs and, once fitted, find out why BF Goodrich tyres are top choice for so many professional drivers.