Mag Wheels

Mag wheels on cars are like diamonds on jewellery.

Motoring aficionados know that these sexy additions not only attract attention, but increase the value of your vehicle. Moreover, replacing standard steel rims with alloy can improve your automobile’s performance. With our wide range of mag designs from leading brands, you decide what suits your tastes best. We offer you top-quality workmanship, expert technical advice and affordable prices. Let the vehicle products from Thomas Tyres help you stand out from the crowd and enjoy a better ride.

Race Car Technology

Steel wheels were the industry standard for years. However, despite metal’s unmatched durability, its weight compromised speed. Race car drivers were particularly affected by this, and began using magnesium instead – hence the term ‘Mags’. Nowadays we use aluminum alloys, but the name “mag” sticks and refers to all die-cast wheels regardless of their metal.

How Alloy Wheels Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

Today, alloys are popular because they’re light, reasonably strong and are ideal for everyday road users. In fact, the benefits of fitting your car with mag wheels are extensive and provide long term value that saves you money. Enjoy advantages, such as:

  • Decreased Unsprung Mass – Lighter wheels mean more speed, greater fuel economy, improved suspension, finer handling and better grip.
  • Heat Regulating Designs – The spoke pattern leaves open gaps in mag designs which regulate the airflow to your brakes. When these are quickly cooled, they work better and last longer.
  • More Tyre Options – Mag wheels provide a lighter, more stable base for bigger and wider tyres.

At Thomas Tyres your Safety is Our Priority

For professional and efficient service with a smile, choose Thomas Tyres. Since 1964, we’ve maintained a commitment to putting your needs first. Whether you”re looking for detailed spokes or rotators, we’ll be able to assist. Simply visit us to buy mag wheels in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Free State. For more information, or to find mag wheels for sale, come to one of our tyre-fitment centres or contact us online.