If you’re looking for new exhausts sold by reputable professionals, or want to do modifications to your existing exhaust, then you’ve come to the right place.

We stock a huge range of exhausts and related fittings, making it easy to find the right system for your car or off-road vehicle.

Carefully checking and assessing the performance of exhaust systems is an often forgotten step, even for the most conscientious of vehicle owners. Far from being just a way for exhaust gases to escape the engine’s combustion chamber, the exhaust system plays a vital part in regulating the airflow from the engine. If the integrity of the exhaust system is compromised due to rust or damage, this will have serious impacts on the general performance on your vehicle, as well as its fuel efficiency.

For those looking to squeeze more power out of their vehicle’s engine, performance exhausts represent one of the most cost effective ways of increasing power, without having to modify the internals of the engine itself. By installing a performance exhaust system, you are essentially allowing air to flow to and from your engine easier, providing more oxygen for combustion and, thus, improving power.

In addition to our huge range of car exhausts, we also stock and source exhaust systems for off-road vehicles. Why not bring your bakkie or 4 x 4 in for an inspection and allow us to evaluate its exhaust system. Ensuring that your vehicle’s exhaust system is operating flawlessly should be one of the first steps in ensuring that your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible.

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