Commercial Tyres

As a leading expert on and supplier of truck tyres in South Africa and regional countries, we place pride on being the benchmark dealer who offers the widest variety of commercial tyre brands.

Our selection consists of premium commercial tyres that will improve the drivability of your fleet by improving their performance, braking and control. We understand that commercial vehicles are put through dynamic driving and, as such, ensure that every truck tyre we supply is of the highest quality and provides a long service lifespan.

A commitment to you, our clients, and an unrelenting passion for supplying premium truck tyres has led to us having an exclusive agreement for the import of Kumho tyres. Such developments will make it possible for you to acquire tyres that are internationally rated as being in the top five commercial tyres currently on the market. Coupling this progress with the fact that we offer numerous and popular tyre brands, and have four factories that specialise in tyre retreading, it becomes clear that you can only expect exceptional service.

Throughout our many years of dedicating a great deal of support to commercial tyres, we have managed to master a total tyre management system that ensures that your fleet of trucks is fully catered for. We are constantly searching for ground-breaking commercial tyres and, in future, you can anticipate seeing more exceptional services and a wider range of products. Contact Thomas Tyres today and find out more about our professional supply network of truck tyres in South Africa and regional countries.