Car Batteries

Thomas Tyres is proud to stock Willard and Sabat car batteries, from two of the most respected battery manufacturers in South Africa.

Fitting the correct battery in your car is of the utmost importance to ensure its proper functioning. At Thomas Tyres, our trained staff will be able to provide you with all the battery advice you need.

The correct car battery will ensure that your starter motor is sufficiently powered and that all the electronic equipment in the car can function when the engine is not running. If you have the wrong battery fitted in your vehicle, there may be a chance that it won’t start when you turn the key.

Car batteries in South Africa are a dime-a-dozen which is why you should take extra care to have the correct battery fitted to your vehicle every time. At Thomas Tyres we are able to inspect and test your current battery and advise you on which replacement, if required, will meet the needs of your car the best.

If you are after high quality car batteries in Johannesburg our range of Willard and Sabat batteries cover all bases. Both companies have been operating in South Africa for decades and their brands are well known and trusted, which is why we stock their batteries.

At Thomas Tyres, we do “around the wheel” business and we have a number of specialists ready to help you find car batteries that are perfect for your requirements.