Brake Pads

Brake pads are always a grudge purchase and it’s often for this reason that so many vehicle owners leave replacing brake pads to the last minute, often using worn brake pads for far longer than is safe.

The safety reasons for ensuring that your brake pads are in good condition are obvious. Without sufficient brake pad surface area available to adhere to the brake disk, the stopping power of your brakes is seriously compromised, increasing your risk of being in a collision considerably. Brake pads are absolutely essential components of your vehicle’s braking system and neglecting them presents very serious safety risks.

What many people don’t realise, is that failing to replace your brake pads before they are worn out can cause very costly damage to your vehicle, which will need to be corrected before your vehicle can again be operated safely. Without sufficient padding between the brake calliper and the brake disk, excessive heat will build up in the brake disk, which often results in it becoming warped. This will cause dangerous vibrations when braking and can damage your vehicle’s steering system. In this case, your brake disks will either have to be skimmed or replaced entirely, a costly undertaking either way.

Because we fully understand the importance of brake pads, we pride ourselves in our ability to expertly fit them to your vehicle. Whether it be a family car, or a hard working commercial vehicle, we stock a comprehensive range of brake pads for all vehicles.