How the Right Off-Road Tyres can Keep You Safe

With such a wide range of off-road tyres available, how do you choose the best ones for your vehicle? You want the best performance while out on the dirt roads, and your tyres are the first defence in providing that great performance. To go off-road on difficult terrain like mud, sand, or rocks, one of the biggest factors to consider is height. You might need to choose bigger tyres that are perhaps one or two sizes larger than the standard tyres, for some extra ground clearance, but be sure that they do not snag on the wheel arches.

Reaching inaccessible places with your 4×4 is exciting, but you need to protect yourself and your vehicle while doing so. Let us look at some tips on how to cross muddy terrain:

  • Stop before you get to the mud and study the terrain;
  • Attach emergency straps at the rear and front of the car, to avoid having to do this after you get stuck in the mud;
  • If using off-road or mud-terrain tyres, the tyre pressures may be decreased if you require improved traction;
  • Approach deep ruts at an angle so that the wheels cross them diagonally, or you might get stuck in a rut.

When negotiating a step:

  • Small steps are best taken head on, while high steps are best approached at a 45-degree angle;
  • In all instances, steps are best climbed in low ratio 1st gear;
  • Bring the front wheels right up against the step and apply power;
  • Once the front wheels make it over the step, lift off the accelerator, bringing the rear wheels against the step; and
  • Apply sufficient power to bring the rear wheels over the step.

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