Off-road, On-road and All-terrain Tyres – What’s The Difference?

Crossover and 4×4 vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, as more and more motorists like a car that does it all. Along with this growing trend comes a need for different type of tyres. From on-road to off-road and all-terrain tyres, you have a vast selection of tyres to choose from, but what is the difference between all these tyre types? More importantly, how do you make the correct choice for your vehicle?

Off-road Tyres

These tyres are designed for driving on terrain that is more aggressive and varied than our smooth main roads. They are also manufactured with much larger and widely spaced tread patterns for greater dirt traction. These tyres also provide far better performance when navigating difficult ground than other types of road-biased tyres would.

Any good quality off-road tyre for sale in South Africa should be geared towards our local climate and conditions, which leads to it having a far stronger carcass than on-road tyres. This makes sure to account for difficult terrain, staving off the risk of damage that comes from navigating these rugged roads.

On-road Tyres

Tyres manufactured for a smooth and quiet ride and by design more road-biased, and these tyres are best for those who do not intend to use their 4×4 for any strenuous off-roading. On-road 4×4 tyres are designed to resemble traditional car tyres, but on a far larger scale. It offers the size and strength to support larger and heavier 4×4 vehicles, without the added stress of navigating rougher terrains.

All-terrain Tyres

These tyres are intended to offer a sound compromise between on-road and off-road tyres. All-terrain tyres provides decent traction in tricky terrains, but still provides relatively low levels of noise when driving on main roads. If you are after good traction on terrains like mud or gravel, all terrain tyres’ larger tread patterns and more advanced shoulder design allow for a smooth ride and efficient grip.

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