Choosing the Best Off-Road Tyres for Your 4×4

 Tyre performance takes on an entirely new meaning once it is being applied to off-road vehicles. Grip on dry and wet roads is important, but aspects like off-road grip in mud and sand, and superior puncture resistance suddenly become widely discussed topics as well. It can be a tough call choosing the best off-road tyres for your 4×4, but it does not need to be when you know what to be on the lookout for.

Many of the top off-road tyre manufacturers provide some type of indication as to their tyres’ capabilities, for instance, with star ratings indicating on- and off-road performance. However, as it is not a standardised rating systems, brands cannot be effectively compared.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles’ tyres are broadly grouped into the following categories:

  • Mud terrain;
  • Highway terrain; and
  • All-terrain tyres.

Highway-terrain tyres are the smoothest and quietest to drive on, and they also feature the lightest construction. All-terrain tyres are the next step up from highway tyres, and are intended for use in off-roading. These tyres are built to be stronger and have optimised and more chunky tread patterns for hitting the tracks. All-terrain tyres take the middle ground, usually offering a lower speed rating than highway tyres, but usually offering a higher load rating.

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