Michelin Tyres and the Future of Tyre Technology

On the surface, the car tyres for sale today might not appear very complex at all. They are rubber compounds with steel belts and air, and that is all there is to it, right? Perhaps a few decades ago, that might have been the case, but in recent years, tyre manufacturers, including leaders like Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Continental, have been creating entirely new concepts of tyre construction that yield more durable tyres with greater performance and safety. These products are every bit as important as other automotive advancements.

Self-Inflating Tyres

Self-inflating tyres for the consumer market are also being explored by more and more leading manufacturers, including Michelin, and might soon become a reality for passenger cars. Already a technology successfully used in the heavy machinery and military vehicle industries, self-inflating tyres make use of sensors that measure tyres pressures and, should the pressure be too low, an air source inflates the tyre. If it is too high, a pressure relief valve allows for sufficient deflation.

Unfortunately, many motorists are completely unaware of their tyres, or able to tell when their tyres are worn out, so tyres that are designed to communicate their lifespans would also be very useful. This is another trend that is being explored by major manufacturers, and could become mainstream faster than we know.

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