Taking Care of Your Industrial Tyres

When browsing among all the brands of industrial tyres for sale in South Africa, it’s clear to see that these tyres can be an expensive purchase. It’s because of this that you need to make sure you get as much value from your purchase as possible. One way to do this is to stay on top of the maintenance of your tyres. Also, adopting best practices when it comes to the operation of your vehicles can help you get more out of your tyres.

The proper tyre pressure is perhaps the most important factor contributing to the maintenance and performance of industrial tyres. Correct inflation pressures can be determined by weighing axle loads, and then referring to the load and inflation tables shown for the tyre size in your vehicle’s user manual.

Be Weary of Under-Inflated Tyres

Take note that under-inflation can be the cause of unnecessary damage to the cord body of the tyre.

The continued abnormal flexing of the tyre leads to overheating and premature failure of the tyre carcass. It’s sometimes far too tempting to want to over-inflate the tyres to avoid this, but this can also lead to undesirable consequences.

Check Inflation Pressures Frequently

As you’re dealing with industrial tyres, it becomes even more important to check the tyres’ inflation pressures regularly. For accurate inflation, use a pressure gauge that is calibrated and checked for accuracy at least once a year. Tyre pressures should always be checked when the tyres are cold, and before the machine or industrial vehicle’s been put into operation for the day. A tyre that appears to have the required pressure when it is hot, will be under-inflated once it cools.

The use of rims narrower than the recommended ones can cause mounting problems. This is because the rim shield or flange cover moulded into most tyre designs may interfere with the seating of the tyre beads on a narrow rim. As would be the case with over-inflation, tyre tread wear is concentrated in the centre of the tread, and traction will be reduced due to the smaller contact patch, which is why you should always use rims of the recommended width.

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