Four Things You Probably did not Know about High-performance Tyres

Many people imagine that suspension kits, turbochargers and nitrous oxide and all other go-fast accessories are the answer for going fast around corners at the occasional track day. The best and cheapest way to make your car safer at speed on the road or track is to upgrade to top-quality high-performance tyres. These tyres help translate the car’s power advantage into cornering force and acceleration, which you may find challenging using normal tyres.

If you would like to learn more about these tyres, you have come to the right place. Let us take a closer look at four interesting facts you may not have known about high-performance tyres:

1. Tyres First, Speed Follows

If you are looking to go faster in the corners at a gymkhana or track day, fit excellent quality high-performance tyres before spending money on suspension and engine modifications.

2. Speed Costs Money

Tyre manufacturers spends millions to develop rubber compounds that result in unimaginable grip with the capabilities of slicing through standing water. It also gives the driver ample warning that they are approaching their limit of adhesion. If you ever wondered why high-performance tyres are premium-priced compared to regular tyres, now you know.

3. Black Tyres Increase Durability

The natural colour of rubber is white and not black, as many people think. We make tyres black not just for aesthetic reasons, but by adding carbon black to rubber, it drastically increases numerous desirable qualities of the rubber used in tyres. Specifically, adding about 50% by weight of carbon black serves to practically double the abrasion-resistance of the tyre. It also improves tensile strength of the tyre by more than 1000%. In addition, it boosts the lifespan of.

4. The Right Speed Rating is Imperative

Never buy high-performance tyres with a speed rating that is inferior to the one recommended by the car’s manufacturer. If you do, you could leave yourself exposed to so many undesirable scenarios including tyre blowout, premature and irregular wear and poor handling on corners.

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