The Davanti Difference

 When it comes to fitting the right tyres to your daily driver, it is paramount to know exactly which brand and compound would work best on your car. Taking into consideration on what type of surface you intend to drive daily, and what kind of weather you are likely to face, you can make an informed decision that will not only provide optimal grip, but also increase safety and car control, which can ultimately save your life.

Tyres are some of the most important parts on a car, as those four patches are the only things connecting your car to the road. As a result, you need a shop where you can find a selection of brands when you are looking for quality tyres for sale at affordable prices. This is where Thomas Tyres can be of service. We offer some of the world’s best tyre brands, including Pirelli and Michelin, and today we will be focussing on the Davanti brand of tyres we have for sale.

Fuel-Efficient Davanti Tyres

 Having a daily driver as a means of transport requires that you take responsibility for the condition of your car. This process includes ensuring that your tyres do not only have enough tread on them, but also work in synergy with your vehicle. Therefore, if you only use your car for transportation means, you want the most efficient tyres to save you money through durability and fuel efficiency.

Davanti Tyres offers an ideal example of such a tyre in the DX390 that we offer for sale, ideal for people who prefer maximum efficiency and comfort. The DX390 is designed to run very quietly, offer excellent grip in tricky weather conditions, and ensure good fuel-efficiency throughout its lifespan. The inner block tread pattern consists of flared block sections, combined with a continual longitudinal band to provide traction in dry conditions and reduce tyre noise while driving. The centre tread has three block sections with dynamic functionality to react to changing levels of grip and tread depth throughout the tyre’s lifespan, optimising its performance while driving.

The outer tread pattern consists of curved grooves that maximise water displacement and dissipation in wet conditions, giving you more grip while driving in the rain. This also decreases the chance of aquaplaning, granting you more control over your vehicle and preventing the car from sliding out of control. The DX390 is one of the more sensible Davanti tyres for sale for daily use in multiple weather conditions, giving you optimal grip levels for maximised car control and overall safety. Whether you drive a small city hatchback or a comfortable large saloon, this is a viable option for both, with the added fuel-efficient design as the cherry on top.

At Thomas Tyres, we offer more than just Davanti tyres for sale, and can offer other popular brands as well. For more information about these brands, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly for information about our available stock. Choose Thomas Tyres today and let us provide you with amazing options for a set of brand-new tyres on your vehicle.