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Did you know that the type of tyres you choose can make a difference to your car’s fuel economy? Continental is a world leader in the manufacture of the best quality commercial, industrial and domestic tyres. This world leader helps to preserve the environment too, through their recycling and other waste reduction measures incorporated in the manufacturing processes of all its products. This ensures that you as the consumer further reduce your carbon footprint too.

All the Continental tyres for sale are therefore also free of polycyclic hydrocarbons and nitrosamine, which are aromatic oils used in tyre production in the past, but are believed to be carcinogenic. This is just one more way that they are leading the way in safety both to the environment and to their customers’ health. Tyres have an impact on fuel consumption, largely because of their lower rolling resistance. This is the force required to keep a wheel rolling. However, too much resistance can negatively affect the car’s fuel economy. This may be true of inferior tyres and it is certainly true of underinflated tyres.

Lower Rolling Resistance in Continental Tyres Equals Better Fuel Efficiency

Although rolling resistance is influenced by the dynamic properties of the tyre, including its geometry, construction, load and temperature, the most important aspect is the damping rubber. This refers to the amount of energy being absorbed by a tyre as it rolls under the weight of a vehicle, as compared tot the amount of energy that is repelled away from the tyre. Normally, the more elastic a rubber compound, the less energy it absorbs. As absorbed energy turns into heat, the amount of elasticity in a tyre is an important consideration.

The Continental engineers address the rolling resistance problem in various ways. These include with the careful selection of manufacturing materials, compounds and tread designs, as well as other engineering factors. This all contributes to the low rolling assistance that all our Continental tyres for sale have become known for, contributing to motorists achieving savings on their fuel costs over the lifespan of the tyres.

Save with Continental Tyres for Sale from Thomas Tyres

Aside from Continental tyres for sale at the most competitive rates, we are proud importers and distributors of the world’s top tyre brands, including Goodyear and Dunlop. In addition to offering the top branded tyres available on the market, we also offer other products and services like wheel alignment and balancing, retreads and fleet services.
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