We Sell Car Batteries

 Every car needs a battery to run its on-board electrics and starter motor. Every press of a button in a modern car requires electricity. It is easy finding a selection of car batteries for sale in South Africa, but it is not that easy to know which brands can be trusted and will last over the long term.

Thomas Tyres offers a selection of car batteries for sale, apart from our wide range of tyres and wheels, with Willard and Sabat batteries being two of the well-known brands on offer to our clients. Both these brands enjoy strong brand recognition with the motoring community in South Africa, with a selection of batteries available from these brands to ensure that, no matter for which vehicle you need a battery, these brands can provide you with an ideal fit.

Various Western governments are shaping the future of the motoring industry and they are likely to outlaw the sale of petrol-powered vehicles in their countries, starting from 2025. Various motorsport disciplines have made the switch to using hybrid-powered vehicles already, with fully electric vehicles being the likely end result of the war on use of fossil fuels. Batteries will play an increasingly important role in our automotive future.

Batteries will change and become more popular, but for the time being, you can rely on Thomas Tyres when it comes to conventional car batteries for sale in South Africa. Should the South African motoring industry shift to accommodate these new laws, we will start to see the rise of the electric vehicle in this country as well, with car batteries becoming more high-tech in order to fill the shoes of fossil fuels.

Thomas Tyres offers a range of tyres and wheels to choose from for your car, and we also offer car batteries for sale from quality brands to give you the peace of mind that your tyres and battery will keep going. For more information, please contact us directly and discover our range of products for yourself.