Why Brakes Squeal and Batteries Die

 If your brakes are grinding or squeal and if it feels like they are grabbing or pulsing, or there is a disconcerting “soft” feel to the pedal when you press on the brakes, do not wait until your next service to have them seen to. It is not only dangerous ignoring these warning bells, but small brake problems left unattended to can lead to far more devastating and unnecessary damage to the rest of your car’s braking system; not just your brake pads, but also your brake discs.

Brake pads are metal plates to which a durable cushioning friction material is bonded. The pads are situated on either side of the brake rotors. As soon as you hit the brake pedal, the calliper – which is basically a clamp that houses the pads and pressure pistons – activates the brake pads by sandwiching the rotating rotor. As the pads come into contact, their friction slows the spinning rotors, which slows the wheels too.

Many people start to realise there could be something amiss when their cars’ brakes start to squeal. Some common reasons behind a brake include:

  • Heat-damaged, glazed brake pads;
  • Worn-out pads;
  • Brake rotor rust or dust; and
  • Long-life brake pads, among others.

Why Do Batteries Die?

 There are quite a few common causes of battery drain or failure in cars. One is human error, where many of us have come home from work, drained after a long day of work and we forget the lights on. Overnight, the battery drains. Come morning, the car refuses to start. Another reason is parasitic drain, where certain components in the car continuing to run after the car has been turned off. While some parasitic drain is normal, like and immobiliser, it becomes a problem when it accelerates due to an electrical fault.

If your car’s brake pads are due for replacement, or you are in search of a new battery, we have what you are looking for. Our team at Thomas Tyres delivers on our promises, and we are happy to help keep your car in great working condition. Contact us to learn how we can help you stay safer on the roads with quality, durable, and affordable spare parts.