The American Tyre

 BF Goodrich is a popular tyre brand in America, with excellent performance in the road, circuit, and rally stage environments to prove how good the design and grip of their tyres are. Motorsport has always been the crucible for a variety of manufacturers in the motoring industry, with a couple of tyre brands being examples of how motorsport can bring a tyre brand to the public consciousness.

BF Goodrich was the official tyre supplier for the 2006 and 2007 World Rally Championship seasons, where regular cars are modified to push their limits by almost flying through tight, tricky, and twisting rally sections all over the world. Being the official supplier of all the tyres for two seasons bears testimony to the quality that BF Goodrich tyres offers to the regular consumer, and in South Africa, it is no different. With a rich history in rallying, including several wins at the Paris-Dakar Rally as well, BF Goodrich offers specialised tyre designs for when the tarmac stops and the gravel starts. Today, we will be looking at two of these tyre types and how they are developed to optimise your off-roading experience.

The Mud-Terrain KM2

 When driving on off-road surfaces such as mud, it is always important to ensure the tyres you are using on your off-road vehicle are suitable for the conditions. Although mud might not be everywhere at all times on gravel roads, the Mud-Terrain KM2 tyre from BF Goodrich will be your safest bet when the rain turns the dust and gravel into slippery and unpredictable terrain, which happens quite often in certain parts of South Africa. The outer sidewall of the KM2 features stronger cords and aggressive tread lugs to reduce sidewall vulnerability and grant more bite when faced with tricky situations. This tyre’s sidewalls also offer a cut- and chip-resistant compound for even more protection and overall strength, giving you a tough and versatile option for gravel and mud terrain.

The All-Terrain KO2

 Looking for BF Goodrich tyres that can take you almost anywhere? The all-terrain KO2 is the tyre compound for your bakkie or SUV that will allow it to travel on almost any terrain with optimised grip levels in mind. The KO2 offers noticeably increased sidewall durability, implementing CoreGard technology that has been developed for the Baja KR2 tyre to increase its resistance to bruising through thicker rubber sidewalls and other advanced additions. As a result, the KO2 delivers an all-terrain compound from BF Goodrich tyres that will deliver longer tread life, whether on or off the road, as well as increased tyre durability to ensure that these tyres will offer great mileage on your bakkie or SUV.

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