A Handy Off-Road Tyre Guide

Tyre performance can make or break your off-roading experience. Grip on dry and wet roads is important, but so is puncture resistance, and off-road grip on various surfaces, like mud and sand, and everything in between. However, it can be challenging for the novice to replace the 4WD’s standard tyres when they are worn out and it is time to buy new tyres. That is why it pays to partner with off-road tyre specialists, who are more than capable of providing you with all the advice and insights to buy the correct tyres for your 4×4.

We have compiled a handy guide to help you select the correct off-road tyres for your 4WD. Off-road tyres are broadly grouped into three categories, which are mud, all-terrain and highway. Let us take a brief look at each.

Highway Tyres

These tyres are the lightest in construction, and the smoothest and quietest to drive on. Highway terrain tyres feature a tread pattern similar to that of a normal car’s tyre, and provide their best grip on tarmac. Many new 4×4s come with these tyres as standard, since highway tyres are often less expensive to produce than other specialist tyre types.

All-Terrain Off-Road Tyres

If you are looking for an upgrade from highway tyres, then all terrain tyres are what you are looking for. These tyres are normally more heavily constructed to be tougher and stronger, offering optimised tread patterns for hitting the trails. It is a great compromise for those who need to mix their urban driving with the occasional off-road trip. Depending on the particular tyre, however, it might provide less tarmac grip and be noisier on paved roads than a highway tyre.

Mud Terrain Off-Road Tyres

Mud terrain tyres provide the strongest and heaviest construction, featuring a deep and blocky tread pattern. They often have a higher load rating and a lower maximum speed rating. These tyres’ tread pattern is specifically developed for muddy off-road conditions and, even though they provide good grip in other off-road situations, like rocks, these tyres are not ideal for sand driving. Mud terrain tyres can be harsh and noisy on the road, and do not provide the same level of grip or handling as highway terrain or all terrain tyres do on sealed roads.

Choose Thomas Tyres as Your Dedicated Off-Road Tyre Specialists

For more than 50 years, we have perfected our service delivery and workmanship to become South Africa’s preferred off-road tyre specialists. We are proud of our accomplishments and phenomenal growth over the years, and continue to build on our solid reputation in the industry. Aside from the more than half a century of operational expertise we bring to the market, our team also has many years’ experience of the off-road tyre sector.

Let us help you choose the best off-road tyres for your 4WD, and augment your enjoyment of the vehicle. To learn how we can help you save on all your off-road tyre needs and keep you safe on the roads and trails for longer, speak to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.