Top 4×4 Tyre Tips for an Exciting Off-road Adventure

Are you planning an off-road adventure? There are so many things to think about before you pack your bags and head off. One of the most important considerations before embarking on your ultimate off-road adventure is your 4×4 tyres. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with a suitable set of 4×4 tyres, and consider our tips below to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming trip.

As any off-road enthusiast knows, taking standard road tyres off-road will not get you very far. It is a fact that even some all-terrain tyres can balk under the pressure when faced with certain off-roading conditions. To guarantee the ultimate off-road experience, it is worth investing in a premium set of durable off-road 4×4 tyres.

4×4 Mud Tyres

If you are looking for great all-round performance when going off-road, mud tyres are an excellent option, especially during the wet months. These tyres are designed with large tread blocks and voids around their edges. The voids between each tread block provide a handy self-cleaning function for the tyres.

As the tyres roll through thick mud, the grooves make it possible for mud to be pushed out, providing you better traction when you need it most. Mud tyres are designed for off-road conditions; however, you can also buy mud tyres variants that are suitable for driving on paved roads as well, providing you with a reasonable compromise.

Extreme 4×4 Tyres

These tyres are designed for excelling on the harshest of terrains. Made purely for use on off-roading adventures, they are crafted with extra large tread blocks that are separated by large voids. When planning to take on harsh environments, a set of extreme tyres are the obvious choice, but remember that their performance on paved roads will be compromised and they will wear out faster on hard surfaces than normal tyres.

How do you know your tyres are safe and durable? Here is a list of things to check before embarking on an off-road adventure:

• Valve;
• Tread depth;
• Uneven wear; and
• Tyre pressure.

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